Handcrafted North Carolina furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries

Green Blanket Chest - Available for purchase.  See gallery page for details.

The second of the blanket chest series, features cedar panels, period
correct brass hardware, a solid brass lock and a walnut top.

About CL Woodworking

Jerome Bias uses the phrase "CL Woodworking" to describe his exploration of the past and the ways that history shapes the present and the future. CL Woodworking stands for Celebrating Life through woodworking. This philosophy represents an opportunity to celebrate life and explore personal interests in 18th and 19th century woodworking techniques. CL Woodworking also allows the exploration of interests Jerome has had since childhood. Best of all, CL Woodworking is fun.

CL Woodworking creates an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, as well as learning the intricacies and precision of woodworking. Through the process of growing as a craftsman, Jerome is developing a more in depth understanding and appreciation of the ways in which he is best able to learn new information and new skills. The process is also teaching him the best ways to apply his newly acquired knowledge to his overall life.

Through CL Woodworking, the projects that Jerome chooses to build are aimed at celebrating and increasing his knowledge of his southern heritage. Many of the pieces that grab his attention are from the southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina region, as that is where he lived during his childhood. He has a special interest in the works of Thomas Day and other African-American craftsmen in antebellum North Carolina.

CL Woodworking nurtures the exploration, celebration and most importantly, the enjoyment of all the gifts and talents Jerome has been given.